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This is not a cocktailbar....

New York in Santa Gertrudis

On a sunny afternoon in charming, picturesque... almost squishy Santa Gertrudis, we met Jorge and his beautifully pregnant girlfriend Mónica. It's a good thing Google Maps exists, otherwise we would have walked past them! Overall is tucked away at the end of a cosy little street and from outside you wouldn't expect what you find inside! The whole vibe of Overall is at odds with that of the rest of the village. If you didn't know better you would think you had landed in New York or Berlin! 

Overall Ibiza Santa Gertrudis - Covered Ibiza

An introduction..

Spanish Jorge and Colombian Mónica lived and worked in Singapore as F&B managers for four years before they started Overall in 2021. "We wanted to return to Spain and a project like this would only work in Madrid or Barcelona. We didn't want to live in a city because we wanted to start a family. We are now 7 months pregnant! That's why we chose Ibiza. It's a place where we could have a great private life and still start our project."

Jorge is originally a graphic designer and this is reflected in the arty graffiti wall, the interior and not least his cocktails! "Eight years ago I decided to leave the graphic designer profession and focus on F&B and mainly cocktails. All my cocktails are graphic, minimal. they have a story. Each cocktail is like a logo, what I try to do... is find your personal logo through a cocktail. It does sound a bit poetic." says Jorge, laughing. It's nice to see how much passion he has for his work.

Overall Monica Jorge - Covered Ibiza

There is no cocktail menu

How exactly do you find someone's personal cocktail? "We don't have a cocktail menu, we work with local products and use preservation methods, in a liquid format. We do everything ourselves. We have a library of flavours and we customise them for our guests. So when you come here, you tell me how you feel, how your mood is, how your stomach feels.... I look at from the time of day, and start creating drinks". Wow, we've never heard that before! "We don't have any classics". Continues Jorge. "If you tell me you like a bloody mary, I know what you like and how you feel. I understand each guest's palette, from there we move on". So if you don't have your own signature cocktail yet, Jorge is happy to make one for you!

Cocktail Overall Ibiza - Covered Ibiza


Besides cocktails, Jorge loves music. When you step inside Overall, the first thing you notice is the big bar with records and original speakers from the 70s, but right after that the big black piano. Jorge got this one from Santa last Christmas because he would like to learn to play. The daddy-to-be and entrepreneur is currently far too busy to practise, but if you like to play a tune yourself, feel free to ask him if you can play a song! "Normally we play hip-hop, R&B, funk, reggae, soul, 80s, and early 90s music.... and then suddenly someone starts playing the piano". 

Overall Ibiza Covered Ibiza

Playing with fire

That wouldn't be the craziest thing that could happen Jorge explains with a big smile on his face. "Two weeks ago, we organised a private event for a famous actress. We organised an unannounced drag queen show with karaoke. It was so much fun! Last Halloween, we even had a tattoo artist here". Says Jorge as he shows off his tattoos, which he had done himself that day. 

Food is Mónica's speciality, how would you describe the menu? "It's all focused on smoke. We play with smoke in every dish. Not everything tastes smokey of course. We have 8 to 10 different woods and we use different techniques. Cold, low and hot temperature smoke. Some dishes we smoke for 20 minutes, others for 2 days". 

"Every month we have a new tasting menu. You can opt for the whole experience or order your favourite dishes a la carte. We also have daily specials, these are dishes we play with for the next menu". So it's more than worth stopping by a few times a month and trying something new for the locals among us. They are open all year round!

Culinary Covered Ibiza - Overall Ibiza

On the bucketlist

Another thing you should definitely add to your bucket list is Overall's monthly event. "We have a private event for up to 20 people, at the bar. Doors closed. A 3 to 4-hour session. An 8-course dinner with accompanying drinks, mini cocktails. 8 to 12 mini bites along with mini sips. It's completely different every month". 

Where did the logo and name come from? "It was inspired by a workplace tag board to hang tools on. Like behind Overall's bar with big saws and other tools to cut ice for cocktails. "And the name Overall. well you wear that in a workplace!"

Overall Ibiza - Covered Ibiza

The ice is shit

What makes Overall so different from other restaurants? "Everything! We don't have a sign hanging outside. It's quite a secret place. We don't do anything fancy, we try to do the opposite. Actually, we like to do the opposite of others with everything. We didn't start Overall just to please guests, but instead created a place where we love to work." 

And what's the deal with the ice? "In Ibiza, the ice is pretty shit, we thought to ourselves. Where are we going to get that fucking ice! We decided to do it ourselves. We purify the water and produce the ice with a gigantic ice machine. Ice is very important for making high-quality cocktails. Someone once even asked us to incorporate a huge diamond ring into the ice. Together with a custom-made cocktail, he used it to propose to his girlfriend!" So if you are still looking for an original way to propose to your beloved in Ibiza, you've got one now. 

Ice Overall Ibiza - Covered

A secret floor.....

Overall is already pretty secretive... and even the people who found this hidden gem probably don't know that there is also a ground floor. It's not open to the public yet, and Jorge didn't really want to tell too much about it but expect a v-vip space for about 20 guests with analogue music, limited edition vinyl records, rare whiskies and high-quality smoked dishes. The plan is to replace the big door at the back of the restaurant leading downstairs with a really big fridge door! Sneaky, we like it! And guess what!  As soon as it's ready. we're going to host a special Covered event down there. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you're one of the 20 lucky ones.

Oh, and do yourself a favour, follow Overall on Spotify. Going from "Happy Hipster", to "Chilling with Rhythm", the tunes are almost as cool as this restaurant!

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