Travelling is one of the most beautiful things in life, but it is not good for the environment. That's just the way it is. Especially in the segment we are in. So we also realise all the more that a flight and cooling a big house with bellowing air conditioners cannot be compensated. But we want to try to do our best to preserve our beloved island.

Solar energy & water filters

We rent out beautiful houses and have a large network as a result. We convince homeowners to think with us, by making their house more sustainable by using solar panels for energy, but also for hot water! A number of owners have already changed tack. We are constantly convincing owners to get involved. Little by little, we are thus achieving our first goal. 

Houses with solar get a better ranking. In addition, we show with a green leaf that they are more sustainable than others. We hope this will inspire our guests to make a conscious choice and motivate homeowners to earn a leaf too. 


Duurzaamheid Covered


Another thing is water. Water in many countries without a filter, besides not being very tasty, is also unhealthy. But with a fairly small investment, a filter can be applied to remedy this, and it is more than worth it. Get rid of those plastic bottles!


Making our destinations a little more beautiful

When you book with Covered, we contribute €10 to a local green project. We also ask this from the homeowners (also €10) and from you as a customer. Together, we can make a small difference. We are currently working with a cooperative of 5 farmers. They want to restore the land of their farms by combining animals and plants/trees in a responsible way, and we are happy to lend a hand to these farmers to make this happen. Hopefully with your help!

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Did you know that Ibiza for example used to be a farming island? Farmers used the land to produce all kinds of vegetables, fruit, almonds and olive oil. With the advent of tourism, almost every farmer stopped because tourism brings in much more, and large parts of the island have been neglected. Almond trees die off and no new ones take their place. Fruit trees give a lot of fruit but are hardly harvested. An eternal shame, of course!

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The same goes for many olive trees. We started looking with our farmers to see what kind of trees we can plant to help restore. We decided to start planting olive trees. The first - but certainly not the last - 60 small trees have already been planted in the olive grove. These will grow into full-sized trees, provide shade for animals, purify the air and produce excellent olive oil. Hopefully, many generations to come may enjoy this. 

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The nice thing is, we can already make olive oil from the existing trees. Here and there we can already let you taste some. There is not yet enough to be able to give every customer a bottle, but this is our goal! Covered Aceite de Olivo, made possible partly because of you!

Looking for something else?

Let us know! We have a very extensive network and can meet almost any request.

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