Privacy statement


Personal data will be stored at any given time only if you rent a home through or if you have given your express permission. Your personal data will be stored by:

Business name: One of a Kind Travel B.V.

Address: Kloosterstraat 38

Postal code + town: 1398 AM Muiden

E-mail address: [email protected]

Telephone number: +34 871 008 331

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 77856902

One of a Kind Travel B.V. is bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the purposes of keeping the administration of tenants and data management for analysis and marketing purposes. One of a Kind Travel has a duty to carry out its responsibilities under the GDPR. One of a Kind Travel B.V. is responsible for all data processing on behalf of One of a Kind Travel, which includes

One of a Kind Travel collects and processes personal data for the administration of tenancy agreements, the general implementation of the agreement, car rental and other services, the collection of rental fees and deposits, customer services, the website, personal marketing and to comply with legal obligations.

The main purpose of the personal data stored by One of a Kind Travel is to fulfil the contractual obligations where One of a Kind Travel acts as an intermediary between the tenant and the landlord or the tenant and the supplier. If this data is not provided, One of a Kind Travel is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations.

One of a Kind Travel handles your personal data with the utmost care and does everything in its power to store your data in a safe manner. If data leaks should occur, they will be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and to those whose personal data may have been compromised. In the event of a data leak, One of a Kind Travel will always take the appropriate measures to safeguard the integrity of the website.

If you feel that your personal data has been obtained or retained in an illegal manner, you can submit a complaint to the ICO at any time.

One of a Kind Travel stores the following types of personal data:

  • if you rent a house: your name, address, post code, town and country of residence, date of birth, email address, telephone number(s), nationality and passport number. From all fewllow travellers: name, nationality and passport number;
  • if you request a quotation: your email address and name;
  • if you make a reservation for an activity offered through One of a Kind Travel: your email address, you name and your telephone number;
  • to receive our newsletters (if desired): your email address and your name;
  • to check for improper use if you hire a car without having rented a house: (if required): proof of valid ID;
  • when you use our service to rent out your house: your name, address, post code, town and country of residence, email address, telephone number(s), nationality, VAT/NIE number, bank account number, cadastral data of your house.

Personal data is never stored for a longer period than is strictly necessary and can be viewed, altered and removed by you at any time. Viewing, altering and removing (including the right to be permanently removed) can be effected by means of the newsletter or through an clear statement addressed to [email protected].

We will remove your personal data:


  • in relation to rental or other services: After the rental period, on 31 January, with the exception of name and email address. Name and email address will be retained until further notice;
  • in relation to a request for quotation: after 1 year;
  • in relation to the newsletter: after cancellation;
  • in relation to a check for improper use: immediately after verification of the proof of ID;
  • in relation to rent out your house: after cancellation.


For smooth processing of the rental and other services offered, One of a Kind Travel employs a number of external parties with whom we may also share your data. In any case these parties will only store your data for the amount of time required to perform their work. Under no circumstances will this personal data be used for any purposes other than the work performed on behalf of One of a Kind Travel. All external transfers of personal data are subject to data processing agreements.


For the rental of holiday properties, One of a Kind Travel acts as an intermediary between tenant and landlord. Insofar as is necessary, personal data will be shared with the landlord of that particular property. Your personal data will be shared with, and retained by, the landlord for the duration of the tenancy.


The supply of other services, including car rental, for which One of a Kind Travel acts as an intermediary between supplier and tenant, is subject to the general conditions, the statement of privacy and the cookie policy of each particular supplier. Personal data required to provide the services will be transferred by One of a Kind Travel to each individual supplier. Providers of additional services, including car rental firms, are responsible for compliance with general data protection regulation. One of a Kind Travel cannot be held liable for the correct storage of your personal data by service providers and car rental firms once One of a Kind Travel has passed your personal data to the provider.

Your personal data will only be passed to a particular service provider after you have completed the generic template on this site. The personal data left by you will only be communicated to a supplier if you are interested in the activities or services offered.


One of a Kind Travel uses the following suppliers to procure its goods and services:


  1. “Isla Blanca” Car Hire
  2. “Motoluis” Car Hire
  3. Private Transfer “Ibiza on Time”
  4. Boat hire Catamaran: offered privately
  5. Boat hire Sailing Boat: offered privately
  6. Boat hire Horizon 260: offered privately
  7. Boat hire Salvador: offered privately
  8. Boat hire Fjord 40: offered privately
  9. Boat hire Riva Rivale 52: offered privately
  10. Boat hire Continental Tender 50: offered privately
  11. Boat hire Vanquish 48: offered privately
  12. Open-air cinema “Cinema Paradiso”
  13. Private chef “Menno”
  14. Private chef “Benjamin”
  15. Private chef “The Chef”
  16. Private Bar “Silver Bar”
  17. Swimming lessons “Children of the Water”
  18. Photographer “Tamas Kooning Lansbergen”
  19. Bikes for hire “Kandani”
  20. “Anfibios” Diving
  21. Walking tours “Walking Ibiza”
  22. Outdoor activities “Rockid Ibiza”
  23. Childcare “DayClairy Nanny Services”
  24. Yoga and Pilates “The workout Club Ibiza”
  25. “Carly Kershaw Fitness”
  26. Nails and beauty “Boom Ibiza”
  27. Safety and Security “Prot Service”


For the collection of (rental) fees, One of a Kind Travel uses external payment providers when payments are made by credit card. Personal data insofar as it is required for the payment of (rental) fees will be supplied to the payment providers. The external payment providers are:


  • EMS
  • Buckaroo
  • Mollie


For the dissemination of its newsletter, One of a Kind Travel uses an external Email Service Provider. Personal data, insofar as it is required for the distribution of the newsletter, will be made available to the Email Service Provider. This external Email Service Provider is:


  • Mailchimp


One of a Kind Travel is at liberty to compile a blacklist in relation to personal data of persons who have committed a serious infringement of the trust invested in them by One of a Kind Travel. This blacklist will be retained indefinitely and access will only be given to a very limited group of employees of One of a Kind Travel B.V. Without fail, included in the blacklist will be individuals who:


  • deliberately and repeatedly cause noise pollution in or around one of the properties;
  • in violation of the general conditions, organise illegal parties or gatherings in or around one of the properties;
  • despite repeated reminders, do not settle their debts with One of a Kind Travel B.V.;
  • have wilfully caused damages to the rented property to such an extent that, at the very least, the entire deposit had to be retained;
  • have demonstrated unacceptable behaviour of some form.


In addition, One of a Kind Travel is also entitled to deny access to a property to individuals who feature on other blacklists held by the ICO, in particular, the Hotel Security Management blacklist.

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