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Rewild: the process of undermestication. "We run, we crawl, we jump, we scream. We let the beast loose for an hour. I am a teddy bear outside class".

An introduction..

Daniel Plant - not your typical Ibiza hippie. Cheeky smile, cool glasses, tattoos and an urban style. We would describe Danny as a big kid who kicks fun with his friends for a living! But that wasn't always the case.

Rewild Ibiza - Covered Ibiza

Panic attacks

"I worked 12 hours a day and had five computer screens. I was selling oil in London. I had panic attacks every day. I had panic attacks while playing football, which is one of my favourite things to do. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Something was clearly wrong, and I really didn't want to go on medication. I always knew things would get better once I got a fucking break. 

The alpha male industry in which Danny worked actually allowed him to work out during his lunch break. "I went to the best gym in London, Third Space. Within a month I had changed both physically and mentally, I didn't miss a day". Danny moved to Ibiza in 2013, but why Ibiza? "It's overwhelmingly a happy place. I used to come here a lot to party. I moved and was able to work from here. But at some point I had to make a decision: go back to an office to continue my role or stay here. I decided to stay". So you came here to party... you don't strike me as the typical 'San Antonio party type English'. "No no no! I'm not. The more we came, the more we went north, to different beaches and to Formentera. We found a different side of Ibiza".

Rewild Ibiza - Covered Ibiza

Ibiza accepts you or it spits you out

Ibiza is not Danny's first time living in Spain. "I went to high school in Malaga. My first job was working for my father on the beach, I was the beach bed guy. Even though there was never much money, there was a kind of freedom.... In London, I had the opposite. I had a lot of money but no freedom. On top of that, you are also limited by the weather. If it's dark at 3pm, what are you going to do with young children? Ibiza either accepts you or it spits you out. I feel like I've found my niche". 

So you came to Ibiza for a sense of freedom. How did you start Rewild? Whatever I was doing before this... As soon as I stopped exercising for 3-4 days, it seemed like I didn't go to the gym. I met a guy at a festival and after 5 days of partying, he still looked like he was going to the gym. I asked him how he managed this and he told me about crossfit. Since then I got the bug".

Rewild Ibiza - Covered Ibiza

No more money

So that's how Rewild started? "I built the gym for myself. If you spend 30K on a car, no one says anything. But if you spend the same amount on a gym, people say 'oh wow'. But why? Why is that? Your body is your vehicle, the only thing you will ever have". 

How did you start training others? "My first client was my gardener's son, because he saw my gym. I started giving some free workouts and slowly more people started coming. Now it is a success but I have also had days when I opened the gates and no one showed up. I have a nice house but I can't eat it up. I got to a point where I ran out of money. You just have to keep going, keep going".

 "My co-coach Johnny and I said; if we can just be ourselves, completely ourselves.... not everyone will like us but we don't strive for that. Your vibe attracts your tribe. The ones who do come back are the ones we want here. Because this is my home too! And now we have a very cool underground crowd. We are a bit like a tribe. My passion project has become my main source of income". 

Rewild Ibiza - Covered Ibiza

If you don't want to party, why are you here?

 What makes Rewild so special? "The vibe and sense of community, the banter. We have fun! Training in a team and with your friends... You don't want to disappoint the other person and therefore you push harder". Ex-ravers or ravers? "There are a number of DC10 hall of fame-ers here.... producers, DJs". says Danny, laughing. "People with blue tick marks after their names.... I have no idea who 't are haha! We all leave our egos at the door". 

Why would it be fun for our Covered clients to attend a session at Rewild? It's a healthy outlet. Many social outlets revolve around alcohol and drugs. It makes you feel worse afterwards, while this makes you feel better. So.. the party days are over for you? *Long silence* "No, the wheels come off every now and then". says Danny with his cheeky smile. "I'm not ready for a pipe and slippers". If you don't want to party, why are you here? Mallorca is cheaper and has better internet.... but it's not Ibiza". 

Rewild Ibiza - Covered Ibiza

Again, someone with a tremendous passion for what he does. A busy father, Danny trains his local tribe every morning, but never more than 2 hours a day. "Rewild is very underground and we would like to keep it that way. I have a very good relationship with my neighbours and I would also like to keep it that way". But for our lucky Covered customers, Danny is willing to make an exception! 

Rewild - an underground outdoor gym with great workouts but secretly we love the people the most. A fantastically fun and healthy experience for your group of friends to experience the real Ibiza. Make sure you have Shazam installed on your phone.... because Danny spins the most delicious tunes to get you psyched! Book your session here.

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