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Lauren Lee Yoga

Lauren Lee, travelled around the world, but never really felt at home anywhere until she decided to settle in Ibiza, where she found a home within herself.

Always wanted to try yoga? It's no secret that Ibiza is a great place for yoga, but why? We asked Lauren what makes Ibiza such a spiritual and special island.


We met Lauren after her class at Noah's Garden, in San Lorenzo. In this beautiful serene garden with horses, whistling birds and wildflowers, Lauren teaches. A big contrast to where Lauren is from. "I grew up in Boston, in the United States. I've always had a great desire to travel. Always, always, always" says Lauren, laughing. "Escaping the winter, wanting to expand myself and meet new people, be in new places. I have a wild and free spirit, that's what led me to Ibiza".

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And how did your yoga journey begin? "I started doing yoga when I was 18. It was an outlet for me during a period in my life when I was very disconnected from myself. From a young age, I was using drugs and alcohol - very addictive behaviour. I was uninspired, had lost interest in my education and yearned for a sense of freedom. When I discovered yoga, it brought me back to my body and helped me create a healthier lifestyle. When I graduated from university, I immediately bought a single ticket to India".

Lauren Lee Yoga

Why India? "I felt strongly drawn to India even before I did yoga. Once I started, I understood that this was the origin of yoga. I went beyond the rational mind and listened to the intuitive calls of my heart. I ended up at the sunny palm beach in South Goa."

Here I worked in a yoga centre and was immersed in a more holistic way of living - a simple yet profound way of integrating practice beyond the physical. I look back on that time with so much gratitude - I lived in harmony with nature (waking up with the sunrise and sleeping under the stars in a cabana on the beach), practised daily Asana and Pranayama, ate plant-based meals, and was surrounded by like-minded people." 

Lauren Lee Yoga

Sounds like a dream! "Very quickly, I decided that this was something I wanted to make a permanent lifestyle. I had the urge to keep travelling and discovering myself. For the next four years, I lived, worked and travelled seasonally across India".

When did you start teaching? "I did my first yoga teacher training in the second year I was in India. A day after completing the training, I started teaching and the rest is history. I kept travelling, immersing myself in being a student and teaching in different parts of the world. 

Lauren Lee Yoga


After all that travelling, are you now more settled in Ibiza? "Yes, after a decade of travelling I was looking for roots. I wanted to feel more grounded. When I was in my 30s, I felt a natural calling to slow down - to cultivate stability for myself and serve in a more sustainable way." 

Why Ibiza: "I already visited Ibiza a lot - I spent a lot of time here with yoga students. In 2019, I had a moment of clarity (on the iconic beach of Benirras during a drum circle!) which made me realise to make the island my home. It was as if my whole body and heart were fed with an energy that brought with it feelings of excitement, contentment and confidence." 

Lauren Lee Yoga

So a home afterall? "While I truly believe that our greatest home lies in our hearts, I also believe that we all desire and deserve to be in a physical place that matches our values, intentions and dreams. For me, at this moment of my life, I have found my home on this beautiful island."

What do you think makes Ibiza so special? "There are many things about Ibiza that make it so special and unique. The island has an abundance of nature - crystal clear water, fertile land rich in herbs and wild flowers, pure air, year-round sunshine.... it is an absolute gift for the Soul and a playground for the senses. It brings you back to what really matters in life and energises your body and mind.

But most of all, it is the people that make this island so unique. Ibiza is home to people of many different nationalities, walks of life...yet there is a common thread for most who live here and that is the desire to live in a way that feels authentic and free. There is a growing community of creatives and leaders looking to better themselves, the island and the world at large. I am inspired daily here by the people around me, and for the first time in my life, I truly understand what it is to have a community. I wake up daily with gratitude and feel so honoured that I get to enjoy life here!"

Lauren Lee Yoga

Most people we have interviewed so far name this Ibiza magic! "The island is built on quartz crystal and protected by the ancient Goddess Tanit. It has a healing vibration through its abundance of nature and through its history of bohemian-hippie culture that planted the seeds for a more progressive and spiritual way of life. It gives space to fully discover yourself and invites you to open your heart and follow it.


What kind of yoga do you teach? "I teach a style of yoga called Anusara, a lineage rooted in Kashmir Shaivism. It is a Hatha-based alignment flow that aligns the physical and subtle body. The practice integrates the masculine and feminine to awaken each student to his highest potential, bringing him back to the power of his heart."

Lauren Lee Yoga - Covered Ibiza

Do you see a big change in the lives of the people you teach? "Absolutely! That is why I keep teaching. I believe healing comes from the simplest aspects - which we so often forget. Movement, meditation, breathing, hydration, sleep and food from the land is how we can maintain our vitality and increase Prana (life force) to live as optimally and radiantly as possible. 

This is a lifestyle. It doesn't happen overnight. It requires incredible commitment and dedication. In the beginning, when people come to the yoga mat, they face a lot of purging (which is often very uncomfortable!) - I always remind students to trust the process and stay connected to their 'why' or intention to practice."

So it doesn't matter if you are stiff? "Yoga has nothing to do with being limber. It is so much more than that! I always say: if you can breathe, you can do yoga. It's the willingness to be with yourself and breathe no matter what".

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But you are also a business coach... "That all came about very organically. The concept of Dharma is the natural unfolding of our purpose and how we are here to serve the world. It's about following the small steps that lead us to the right action and align ourselves with our higher intention. 

I didn't even realise I was an entrepreneur until several people asked me 'how I created my retreats or designed my online courses' - these questions led me to reflect and noticed that I was naturally creating a business that aligned with my values. It gave me the freedom and joy I was looking for. My personal and professional worlds melted together over time, giving me a foundation to continue doing what I love. I am passionate about helping others find and create this for themselves."

How do you help entrepreneurs? "I support them in creating a business that aligns with their values, vision and mission. I help them get clear on what it is they want to share with the world and help them embed this intention and purpose in their services and/or products. I love working with passionate people who want to bring positive change to the world!"

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But we also heard that you do love a party... Lauren starts laughing hard. "Who told you that!" .... But yes I do like to party" Lauren admits with a smile. "And the older I get, the more I give myself complete freedom to enjoy it. I love being able to embrace and welcome all identities within myself without judgement.... and Ibiza definitely feels like a festival where you can be anyone and experience anything you want, all in one day!"

Any party tips? "The best parties are the ones you don't see advertised. They are organised by the community, where the whole production is made up of local talent, from the art installations and the curation of music to the culinary experience. It is a co-creation of every person who comes, each sharing their own energy for a collective celebration of life." Alas guys, locals only. But she did add as a tip that Noah's Garden also hosts really fun parties.

A general Ibiza tip then? "I would advise getting out into nature. Do what the locals do, go to the beach, chill, bring a nice bottle of wine. Part of the magic of this island is to slow down, invite yourself into the rhythm and pace of this island. Don't come with a particular mission, just flow. We always say as locals that we live in our cars. We have all sorts of things in them: stuff for work, yoga gear, party clothes.... a wine opener. If you got a wonderful invitation, just go! Trust and listen to what feels right". 

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years? "I try not to think that far ahead about the details (because so much can change from one minute to the next!) but I do know that I want to feel even more love, vitality, wisdom and passion in my life.... Whether here in Ibiza or anywhere else, I fully trust the flow of life to take me exactly where I need to be for my highest evolution." 


Are you inspired by this story to organize a lovely moment for yourself on holiday? You are welcome to drop-in classes on Mondays and Thursdays. Tip: Stick around after class for a delicious healthy brunch in the beautiful garden, prepared by friendly Ben!

But secretly much more fun.... Covered clients can also book Lauren privately! Individually or in groups. She can come to your villa for a beautiful start to the day, or how about a sunset session somewhere in nature with your girlfriends? Contact us via the service pagina, we can organize many more fun services for you. 

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