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The Nanny Club

A really nice Dutch babysitter - but in Ibiza!

A fun holiday for you and the little ones

We show only the best of Ibiza, so when it comes to our little ones, of course we want the very best of the best. That's why we work with the high-end babysitting platform in the Netherlands. The cutest nannies with a passion for children work here. And on Ibiza! The nannies can come along for a day or the whole stay to help with the kids. Also fun: The Kids Club! A great day out for the little ones together with other children so you can have a day off too.

The Nanny Club

An introduction, ex nanny Maxime

The Nanny Club was set up by two friends and ex-nannies: Maxime & Merle. Maxime is a spontaneous and enterprising girl who, thanks to her years of experience as a nanny, knows better than anyone what nannies and families are looking for. After her studies, Maxime worked in advertising for a while, but she continued to work as a nanny. Secretly, she enjoyed that much more. "My father wondered several times when I was going to look for 'a real job'." But Maxime loved her work as a nanny and when she was asked if she wanted to become a full-time nanny, she didn't have to think long. She kept receiving requests from families for more nanny work and whether she knew any other high-quality nannies. From there, The Nanny Club was born!

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Business brain Merle

Merle, an enterprising and creative girl - as well as the business brain behind The Nanny Club. She too has a lot of experience as a nanny. Her studies in business law and the experience gained from her previous own clothing line come in handy now! In addition, Merle also enjoys being creative and in this way is something of a jack-of-all-trades together with Maxime. "We've always got you Covered - so that means we make sure our girls are reliable and enthusiastic. We want to take the worry and stress out of parents' search for a good nanny. In this way, I believe we are the most reliable option". 

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More than just a 'chill side job'

What makes The Nanny Club's nannies so special? "We want to meet the needs of families who would like a nanny who can do more than just put kids behind the iPad and think" 'chill side job'. The girls working at The Nanny Club have had pedagogical training, want to do something with children or are very enthusiastic and enjoy doing just a little bit more with children than a standard nanny." To ensure the quality of the nannies, Maxime and Merle do every screening process with the potential nannies themselves.

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Also important: all nannies have completed a first aid course and The Nanny Club Academy. So the kids are in good hands so you can enjoy a carefree day at the beach or a night out in Ibiza. Without children, because of course that's nice sometimes too!

The Kids Club

Every now and then, the kids can enjoy a day of entertainment, with a different theme each time. Think of a creative afternoon or kids' yoga, together with other kids. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of The Kids Club days and the theme during your holiday on Ibiza!

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So... are you going on holiday to Ibiza with the kids this year and in need of a nice nanny? We can arrange the best one for you, through The Nanny Club!

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