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Meet Andrea

Beyond Organic: Terra Viva's Regenerative Chicken Farming in Ibiza

Meet Andrea

In the heart of Ibiza, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, you'll find Terra Viva Ibiza—a magical farm that's 100% ecological. As we wandered through the lush fields, Andrea, the driving force behind this extraordinary project together with Uri Fruchtmann, Giancarlo Canavesio, Felipe Toro and Sierra Campbell, shared her story on behalf of them all. Andrea started her career in marketing, working for big-shot companies like Apple and Exxon Mobil. But something clicked inside her, and she realized she wanted a more harmonious way of life. That's when she embarked on a journey to Australia, immersing herself in Permaculture communities and discovering how humans can live in sync with nature. After that eye-opening experience, she settled in Ibiza and dedicated the past five years to sustainable tourism and regenerative practices.


Terra Viva Ibiza, situated under the sunny skies of Spain's Ibiza, is on a mission to revitalize abandoned farmland on the island. Shockingly, only 4% of the food consumed on Ibiza is produced locally, and just a 14% of those local foods have any form of organic or ecological certification or process. However, Terra Viva Ibiza is an exception to the norm. They're using regenerative methods for their revitalization initiatives and food cultivation, leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

"Terra Viva Ibiza isn't just a farm—it's a vision for positive change," Andrea explained. Terra Viva is all about sustainable and healthy agriculture, growing top-notch, nutritious food without any synthetic chemicals. They follow the principles of agroecology and regenerative agriculture to make it happen.


A Taste You Won't Soon Forget!

But, it's not just about producing food; Terra Viva Ibiza respects the natural cycles and biodiversity of the environment, taking care of the soil's well-being. By embracing regenerative practices, the farm not only grows nutrient-rich food but also helps restore the ecosystem. Their regenerative chickens are a prime example—they go above and beyond organic certification. 

Now, you might be wondering, what sets regenerative chicken apart from its organic counterparts? Well, it's all about the incredible lifestyle these feathered friends enjoy. When given ample time to roam and forage outdoors, they feast on nutrient-dense foods like insects, worms, grass, and seeds. These natural goodies provide them with an array of vitamins and minerals that enhance their diet. But there's more!

The chickens at Terra Viva also benefit from daily rotation with their special and self-made chicken tractors.  Not only does this grazing method ensure the most nutritious, flavorful, and healthy meat, but it also promotes organic matter and microbiology in the soil. It's truly the one and only regenerative chicken experience on the island—a taste you won't soon forget!


Growing Together

Terra Viva Ibiza goes beyond farming. It's a place where people gather, learn, and feel empowered. They offer training and support to farmers who want to join the regenerative movement, spreading the sustainable vibes far and wide. They believe in the power of community and want to set an example for the entire island. That's why they host courses, talks, and events, inviting experts in regenerative agriculture to inspire the next generation of local farmers. Together, they're transforming Ibiza's agricultural landscape while preserving its natural and cultural heritage.

The Banc de Terres D'Eivissa connects organic farmers with landowners eager to revive their properties. Thanks to their efforts, Terra Viva crossed paths with Pepe, the proud owner of their farm and an ambassador for this project. Pepe, a true champion of the project, happily pitches in during his spare time to assist with all sorts of agricultural tasks. He's always ready to roll up his sleeves and lend a hand on the farm. 


Just a bite away...

The farm is like a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration, guiding others on this incredible journey. Their ultimate mission is to make a positive impact, not just on the island but everywhere. Terra Viva Ibiza is living proof that we can live in harmony with nature while enjoying the bountiful gifts of the land. It's a place where passion and purpose collide, where the soil gets all the love it deserves, and where the community thrives. 

Exciting news for people and guests from Covered! You can now buy a Terra Viva's 100% organic mix veggie box straight from the garden, how cool is that! Whether you swing by the farm on shop days to pick it up or take the advantage of home delivery on Fridays, the freshest produce is just a bite away! With each bite of their regenerative chicken and every taste of their vibrant produce, you're not only supporting a farm, but you're also contributing to a positive and transformative movement—one that is shaping a greener future for Ibiza.


About  Banc De Terres D'Eivissa 

Banc De Terres D'Eivissa receives ceded farmland that is in disuse from landowners and makes it accessible to new farmers and existing farmers who want to expand or improve their production. The land is leased to farmers under agroecological management contracts. Since the relaunch of the project in September 2020, 54 hectares of disused farmland is now in ecological  production with 9 farmers.

We got you Covered

When you book with Covered, we contribute €10 to the Soil and Biodiversity Program run by Banc De Terres D'Eivissa. We also ask this from the homeowners (also €10) and from you as a customer. A total of €30 per booking. Together we can make a small difference. We like to give these farmers a hand to make this happen and through this article you will get more insight into the project behind this beautiful initiative and collaboration.

Pictures are made by @Medsea Studio.

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