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10 years ago we rented out our first house, since then we have expanded with more and more beautiful villas. But not only that, we also met more and more special homeowners and guests. Many guests who return every year, eager to experience the destinations we offer. Exactly this is what we want to share with our community, and inspired us to start our new brand: Covered.


We have selected the most beautiful villas. In addition, as locals, we are always looking for the best experiences and hidden gems, to make your holiday as unique and unforgettable as possible. 


We also think it's important to give something back. We do this through a piece of sustainability. In cooperation with homeowners, local farmers and hopefully together with you, we restore the land by planting olive trees. We also encourage homeowners to be as sustainable as possible and engage in a piece of social entrepreneurship. Every year, we want to make one less fortunate family happy with a fully catered trip to Ibiza. Read more about what we do on our Sustainability page. 


Not only do we advise on the best of our destinations, we also live by it. A summer getaway which became our daily life. We love the beautiful nature with hidden beaches and turquoise waters, the unique people we meet and the inventive cuisine inspired by local flavours and the freshest ingredients. We love sharing our passion with you. We've got you covered.


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We got you Covered

Discover, uncover, recoverEnjoy not only the most beautiful houses, but also all the elements, secrets and beauty that the island has to offer.
A carefully selected selection of villasThe most special houses collected especially for you, on our brand new platform: Covered.
Round the clock supportWe live locally! There is always someone available during your stay.